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Why you need an email list...

Email lists are a great way to connect directly with your customers. Your customers are 5 times more likely to see an email than a social media post from your business. With Canadian CASL requirements, you are required by law to ask permission to send out emails to your customers. Which means that the email addresses you have are those that are interested in what you are doing. Therefore you have a captive audience of those that want to be directly reached by you.

By relying on social media you are essentially renting space. You are either paying to be seen or battling algorithms. Emails land right in your customers inbox.

What should your emails include?

  1. You need to write emails that will be read - so you need content that solves problems and/or serves your audience.

  2. Send content that includes promotions, announcements or launches.

  3. Educate your audience on your business, products or services.

  4. Consistency- be consistent in your emails, are they monthly, bi-weekly?

  5. Communication- keep the email conversational. Use the space to answer customer questions, you are the expert of your business.

  6. Create action - Give the reader something to do: do they need to visit your store for a promotion? Do they need to visit your blog for more information? Should they tell a friends about an event? Do they need to register for something?

  7. Structure: using an email program like MailChimp can be an easy way to collect and send emails. You can also personalize it and the automation feature is helpful as well.

As you are writing your emails, keep in mind why you sign up for email lists. What content are you hoping to receive, what information are you hoping to receive, what are you trying to learn?

This is the best form of communication for your business. Take the time to set up your list and begin creating content that you clients & customers are waiting to hear.

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