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Six Tasks You Should Delegate

Delegation is often a difficult thing for entrepreneurs to get their heads around. Let’s face it; no one does a specific task better than you, do they? And it takes more time to teach someone to do something than to do it yourself, right? Not only that, almost all jobs are crucial, so they can’t be entrusted to just anyone else—true? These are just a few reasons business leaders kick delegating tasks and projects down the road. But is that wise?

We all know the rationale for delegating tasks; it frees a manager up for more important things, allowing them to prioritize more efficiently. However, there is another significant benefit; it makes you a better, more popular leader. It helps those to whom you delegate learn new skills; it empowers them. As they grow, so does their ability to assist you and take even more things off your plate.

The primary reason people don’t delegate is that they fear the job won’t be done as well as they could do it and that they will have to go back and correct what’s been done.

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