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Should You Follow Your Passion?

How often have you heard someone say follow your passion, as if it offers a guaranteed path to success? Sure, it sounds good and may even be sound advice, but, there are certain circumstances where it may not be the best approach for everyone.

Passion alone doesn’t guarantee success. Just because you have a strong interest or passion for something doesn't mean you'll automatically excel in that field or find financial stability. Pursuing one’s passion needs to be balanced by a realistic assessment of market demand, competition, and the skills and resources necessary to succeed.

Some passions may not be viable in terms of business or career growth. For instance, if your passion is a niche or obscure hobby, it may be challenging to find sustainable career options, or business opportunities in that field. In such cases, it might be more practical to pursue your passion as a hobby rather than a full-time career or business.

Passions and interests evolve over time. What you may be passionate about today might not necessarily be the same in a few years. Relying solely on passion may hamper or constrain you adaptability if your interests shift, leaving your feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your chosen path.

It's important to consider financial stability when choosing a career or pursuing a business opportunity. Some passion-driven fields may not offer high-paying opportunities, and it can be challenging to support yourself or your family solely based on passion. Balancing an ability to make money with personal fulfillment is crucial.

Pursuing a passion often requires developing specific skills and expertise. If you are not naturally talented in your chosen area of passion, it may require significant time, effort, and resources to develop the necessary skills to succeed. This can be discouraging and may lead to frustration if you are not prepared for challenges and setbacks along the way.

While following one’s passion can lead to fulfillment and success for some individuals, it's important to approach a passion project with a balanced perspective. Ask yourself, is there a market for the product or service I would like to deliver? Can I make a profit? Is it sustainable in the long-term? It's crucial to find a balance between passion and practicality if you are going to increase your chances of long-term satisfaction and success.

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