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Are you engaging?

How are you connecting with your social media followers and those on your email list?

  • Are you starting up conversations with those on your social media platform? What platform do you enjoy using the most? Connect there - don't spread yourself so thin on many platforms that you feel overwhelmed. Then start to build on your connections there.

  • How can you collaborate with others. Collaboration instead of competition. Your clients will connect with you because of who you are. Every personality connects to people differently, there are people out there will need someone just like you to connect with.

  • Start sharing what you do, what you offer and how you can help. Whether that is on your social media platform or as a guest on a podcast or webinar. Look for opportunities - don't be afraid to ask for the opportunity.

  • Stay connected with your email list. Your clients are 5 times more likely to read your email than your social media posts. Create content that solves problems and is empowering.

The more you choose to spend your time building into your connections, the faster your business with grow. Focus on why you started this business - all the shiny stuff you learned in all those "free" webinars were only sales funnels to sell you mastermind courses or monthly membership sites.

Stop the cycle of busy and get out there and just start doing what you are passionate about! Your clients will see your heart behind what you are doing and you will see your business grow like never before!

At Prince Albert Community Futures we are here to support your business. Sign up for our email list or make an appointment to visit us for business coaching or financial support.

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