The S2dio - Get Inspired!

We are adding a new feature to our blog called Get Inspired!

Prince Albert is home to some pretty incredible businesses and business owners. Not all businesses get their start at Community Futures but they all deserve to be recognized and we can all learn something from the lessons they have learned and the motivation behind the companies is an inspiration to our business community.

The S2dio Prince Albert Saskatchewan

Our first Get Inspired! feature is The S2dio. Desiree is one of the local businesses that did get their start with Community Futures. She is a force to be reckoned with. Here is your opportunity to learn a little bit more about how she got her start, found her way and continues to see growth and success.

1. What has been the largest learning curve for you in your business?

Patience. 100%. I am the most impatient person in the world and believe that if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself. Since opening in 2018, I have learned that you cannot force anything and there will be daily situations to which I have no control over. Having to take a step back and take a breath and dig into my patience has certainly been a huge learning curve for me. During covid, when I was in zero control of daily operations, I really learned how to just go with the flow and adapt quickly. Expectations were always upheld, but execution of these expectations changed almost daily for a while.

Being a leader of 13 people during the two years of covid brought a whole other dynamic of being able to balance myself and my team and my community. I would have never survived, as well as I did, without the 13 amazing humans behind me. They were supportive and stepped up to the plate for things that I never thought a staffing team would have to do. Without them, and our amazing community of riders, I would have definitely been broken. They taught me to ask for help and they proved to me that I can lean on them not only in the best of times, but the worst of times as well.

I have no formal schooling or training in business, I was a correctional officer before taking this leap into business, so learning curves have been non stop since day one, but I can truly say, living and learning on my own terms has been absolutely incredible. Not being bound by anyone else's idea of how business should be ran, has allowed me to make mistakes, learn from them and push forward.

2. How do you measure (personally define) success?

I believe that success is different for everyone and can change several times over someone's lifetime. For me, success is based on stability and genuine happiness.

Most people's first instinct when it comes to defining success is wealth and status but that in itself doesn’t bring joy, passion and happiness. I was in a career where I could have easily made 6 figures a year and had all the toys and very minimal debt. I chose to leave that, open a business, take on more debt then I know what to do with and pursue a passion. I can wholeheartedly say, I have never had less money and more genuine happiness in my life. Being able to put your entire heart and soul into something and see it grow and influence others around me, now that, that is true success.